Because Writing Matters…

…to me and it should to you, too. Being home has been a reminder of the importance of writing as I’ve dug through old postcards, books, notes, essays, [the list continues]. Plus, all of the #blog4nwp posts really have me thinking about writing in general. [Not to mention the Cs conference this week!]

So, why writing? What’s the big deal, anyway? My students ask this question a lot, too. Especially seniors as we plow through about an essay a week for the 2nd part of the year and include journals in our daily activities. This question also makes me think back to when I taught in the ECP at Virginia Tech and how many smart students questioned why they needed to be able to write well when they were going to be “engineers” not “authors.”

Writing is a way to allow one’s voice to shine through. To allow one to reflect. To allow one to grow. To allow one to connect. [Get the message yet?] It’s not about English class or being an author or writing essays. Writing is SO much more!

Why do people not like writing? Maybe people don’t like writing because it is hard. [Hey, it is!] Maybe people don’t like writing because they’re too focused on right vs. wrong. Maybe people don’t like writing because it’s personal. Maybe people don’t like writing because it’s a skill that has to be practiced. Maybe people don’t like writing because they do not realize all of the intricate ways it brings us together…no matter who we are or where we are from…writing always brings us together in one way or another.

Why should we support writing? Well, to me, the question is why shouldn’t we? We need to show people why writing matters. And programs like NWP support the foundation of one of the skills that we all need no matter what field we go into or where our future takes us. Writing matters, and I just hope Washington realizes how much it matters before they cut a program that works and supports so many Americans on so many different levels (both now and for years to come).

[And on a personal note, a colleague shared information about the various NWP summer institutes that I thought would be AMAZING to experience. I’d really like that chance one day, Washington. Please hear our voices.]


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