Time to Simplify

I don’t know what it is, but I’m suddenly overwhelmed by technology. (I blame it on Google+ which is the new thing everyone is buzzing about up and down my timelines.) Ok, perhaps this is a bit melodramatic; I’m not really overwhelmed, but as I sit here and bounce from each of my online spaces to another, I’ve decided I want to simplify.

Though I’m not really sure what simplify means to me right now, I *think* it means that I want to try to connect my spaces with each other when and where I can. (Does this even make sense, ha?)

Oh, and I’m embarrassed to say that I still have not figured out the in’s and out’s and how-I-would-use’s of Evernote which is something I’m dying to do because I think it’s a very helpful tool from what I have seen (and something that I might be able to incorporate on the iPad with my students this upcoming year).

Anyway, back to “simplifying.” And if anyone can explain to me what Google+ really is and why I would want it (or how you are using Google+ [or Evernote for that matter]), please fill me in!


One thought on “Time to Simplify

  1. Thanks for visiting! I so understand your need to simplify. That’s become my mantra lately. (Thus my dipping my toes into meditation and yoga.)
    By the way, I do use Evernote to save everything–thoughts, links, audio notes.

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