Book Talk: must-have app! (or two)

I have been looking for some way to help keep track of all of my books — both electronically and hard copy. With the suggestion from one of my “virtual colleagues,” I checked out Book Crawler.

So far, it has been super user-friendly and a great app! I love that it scans the ISBN and automatically fills in all of the information for me. The only thing I would love to see it do is sync books more smoothly to Goodreads (after accidentally deleting my entire Goodreads library, I tried to import the CSV file from Book Crawler, and it left off a few books).

I know this may not make sense to some people, but I found it a lot easier to catalog the correct book within Book Crawler, yet still love the more social feel of Goodreads. Also, I wish there was a more direct way of transferring information from different devices (i.e. iPhone to iPad) without having to actually merge the CSV file each time. Regardless, it’s a great app for book lovers to check out!

ps I just found out that the Goodreads app also has a bar code scanner for quick access to info! So, now goodreads vs book crawler…or maybe both? You can never have too many backups, right? Then again, I’m striving to be more simple, ha!


3 thoughts on “Book Talk: must-have app! (or two)

  1. Okay, so I have been thinking about this too. Can you then store this information in Endnote, for example, so that you have your scholarly references all in one place? That would simplify when writing, I would think. I’ll investigate and we can compare.

  2. I, too, am struggling with this issue. I was happy with BookCrawler as a database for my own personal library but it didn’t offer smart recommendations for new books based on my ratings. The manual sync was also a pain. GoodReads offered a similar database with recommendations based on my ratings, but didn’t work without an internet connection. So I couldn’t use it on my iPad when I am out of the house. I wouldn’t mind using both if they could sync correctly, but every time I made a change in BookCrawler and updated, my GoodReads database would develop duplicate entries and other problems.

    If GoodReads could store a cache on my device so that I could access my book database when I don’t have a wifi connection, and then sync my reviews when I do, I would use it exclusively. As it is now, neither offers a perfect solution. 😦

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