How much is enough?

One of my personal struggles is trying to fit in more reading time into my schedule. In addition, I’m always wondering if I have read enough — classics, YA Lit, non-fiction, fiction. I would say that I’m pretty well-read (though I think you can ALWAYS find something to read!); however, a lot of what I have read, particularly with the classics, was years ago. So, my question for others is how do you keep up with all you have read?

I find that I will “think” I haven’t read something, and then get part way into the novel and realize I have, in fact, read it. I also acknowledge that there is a difference between reading a novel for pleasure and reading a novel to teach it (at least in my opinion).

Nevertheless, you can never read too much (#bookaday, anyone?) 🙂 And I’m always looking for more titles to add to my collection! (note: I can’t WAIT to read this!)

ps I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m using Goodreads and Book Crawler to help catalog some of the works I have read and hope to utilize them more in the future!

pps I’m also thinking more and more about establishing a legit class library. Would love to hear how others have set that up, what they have included, etc.


2 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. Part of the reason why I started my blog was to keep a record of my thoughts on books that I read. At the same time, I’ve found that I have different opinions of different books over time. I used to love Charlotte Bronte, then on a recent reread found her to be very floofy. With the classics though, one can easily forget minor characters, but there are some characters that are unforgettable. It’s been years since I’ve read Great Expectations, but Miss Havisham will eternally be creepy.

  2. I am just getting into Good Reads, but keep a running list in digital folders at the library. I subdivided these into categories like science fiction/fantasy, classics, history/biography, science, business, etc., to keep my reading “balanced” (my version of balance, at least). I also keep a folder entitled “complete 2011,” into which I move book names once I’ve finished reading them. Then problem is I’m accumulating titles into my “to read” folders much faster than I can get through them.

    Thanks for your work in this blog, and best of luck in your classroom this year!

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