Lit vs. Lang

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to teach Lit this year! However, at first, I was a bit nervous about the differences between AP Literature and AP Language. And then I reminded myself: reading is reading and writing is writing!

One of the things that my students struggled with the most (particularly in regards to Lang): the multiple choice questions. One of the key words that always messed them up involved picking the “best” answer. Many would talk themselves around the correct answer. In my opinion, stressing MC strategies is helpful; however, I think it all comes down to knowing the rhetorical terms. No, I wasn’t quizzing every day on their terms, but they did build a word wall and then practicing applying those terms regularly. Not only would they have to discuss various author’s techniques, but they would have to find a contemporary piece and talk about the various techniques associated with it, too. My point? Knowing the terms was important. Being able to apply them was important. Being able to apply them to their every day surroundings made them connect more meaningfully…which in the end helped them find the “best” answers because they TRULY knew what the questions were asking them to point out.

Anyway, just a few random thoughts 🙂 I would love to hear from anyone who has taught both of these classes and get his/her feedback on the experience!

ps check back for more random thoughts from my AP Lit workshop

pps AP scores were just released, and it took me FOREVER to even get on to view them! You would think the College Board would have been expecting a “high volume” of teachers to be accessing the website that day. Anyway, I did love the online score reporting and quick break down of how my students did on the test. In the end, I was very proud of my students because I truly believe Lang is one of the harder AP tests (from what I experienced personally AND from what I have discussed with others). In addition, I thought overall that my first year of teaching an AP course went very well! (note: though I was proud of all of the scores, in the end, I just wanted my students to walk out being more critical readers, writers, and most importantly, thinkers in/of the world around them!)


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