Burke’s Ning

Well, since I’m on break, I’ve been able to check out some of the blogs I like to skim through. (Ah, break. It’s such a wonderful thing!)

Anyway, here is a post about none other than Jim Burke himself! If this name doesn’t ring a bell, look him up. Some of you may recognize his name from some of my other posts. (His book is one that I read throughout the semester.)

The ning is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for attracting people into a social networking realm based specifically on what the admin person assigns it to focus on. (Think: facebook for teachers only — well, kind of, but not really.) Burke’s ning can be found here. I haven’t joined yet (though that is on the top of my break to-do list), but definitely think English teachers at any level should check it out. And, I particularly like the focus for “new teachers,” which is mentioned in Burke’s commentary on the EdWeek blog post.

Another reason I find this ning beneficial is because I think as educators, we need to join together and strengthen not only our own pedagogical strategies, but help others see all of the neat things we are doing in our classrooms, too!

So break or no break, check out the ning…


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