School Spirit Banter

I am SO impressed by the creativity of two local area high schools and their students’ videos. As quoted in this Get Schooled post, these ARE examples of what the best “spirit cheers” look like today. You can check out the original video in this “battle” here and the response here.

For me, these videos show just how multiliterate our students are and all of the neat ways in which they are reading, writing, and engaging with the world around them. These videos use rhetorical strategies, rhymes, video angles, music — and this list only continues — all to help show their school spirit. And, I love the fact that they pull in lots of different members from their respective student bodies to be a part of the banter.

No matter which school wins the game, the main point is that these two videos have just under 400,000 hits (combined) in two weeks. Where these students’ voices heard? [I think so!]


My first gift!

Yes, my very first gift as a teacher. OK, so it was only a paper football, but still, I was excited. It was from a student who thinks he already knows all he needs to know and is ready for the real world. (Only half way through the 8th grade, by the way.) He hates school and especially hates English class. Doesn’t get along well with my CT, but for some strange reason, he Continue reading